Dr John Crisler A4M HCG TestosteroneJohn Crisler on How to Use HCG in Males with Low Testosterone

by Jeffrey Dach MD

Left Image: Courtesy of John Crisler DO at A4M HCG Low Testosterone

For many men with symptoms of low testosterone, HCG is a useful add-on for their program.  Thanks to Dr. John Crisler for sharing his HCG protocol which can be found here or here.

What is HCG

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  HCG is a bio-identical human hormone that has been well known for decades in medical research and clinical medicine as a hormone secreted by the placenta in the pregnant female.  In fact, measuring HCG in the female is the basis for the pregnancy test.  If HCG goes up, that means a viable pregnancy.  If HCG drops, or goes down, that means miscarriage or an aborting fetus.

Why give HCG to Males?

The male analog of HCG is LH, also called Leuteinizing hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary. HCG is almost identical to LH (leutinizing hormone from the anterior pituitary), and serves as an LH analog in the male.

What does LH Do, Exactly, In the Male?

In the male, LH is a hormone messenger that instructs the testicle to make more testosterone.  So injecting HCG, will do the same thing, it stimulates the testicle to make more testosterone, thereby raising blood testosterone levels, and resolving a low testosterone condition.

Why Doesn’t it Always Work?

Younger males have plenty of reserve ability to make testosterone, and testosterone levels will promptly go up after an injection of HCG.  In older males, above the age of 50, the aging process reduces the ability of the testicle to make testosterone to a variable degree.  Some older males will have a good response to HCG, other will have a small response, with small amounts of testosterone production.  That’s why Dr Eugene Shippen devised the HCG Stimulation Test to help determine if HCG would be helpful or not.

BodyBuilderClomidClomiphenetestosteroneFSHLH2HCG is Very Helpful For Most Males with Low Testosterone

We have been using the John Crisler HCG Protocol and have found that it is very useful for most males with low testosterone.  Again, thanks goes to John Crisler for sharing his HCG protocol.  John is an excellent resource, and a good friend, and we have collaborated on cases and exchanged ideas freely.  He is well known as an excellent speaker on the medical lecture circuit, and I can recommend him if you are in need of a physician.  His contact information is: John Crisler D.O. All Things Male – Center for Men’s Health, 919 Chester,  Main Floor, Lansing, Michigan 48912  Office Phone: 517-485-4424

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