Clomid for Men With Low Testosterone Part Four

Clomid for Men With Low Testosterone Part Four This article is part four of a series.  Part One, Part two, Part Three Infertility is a major adverse effect of testosterone therapy in young males.  For this reason, testosterone therapy is usually avoided in this group. A better solution is clomiphene, FDA approved as a a […]

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Low Testosterone from Pain Pills by Jeffrey Dach MD

Low Testosterone From Pain Pills by Jeffrey Dach MD Joe has chronic fatigue, weakness, and erectile dysfunction. He was doing well until 10 years ago when he started pain pills after a car accident which left him with chronic back pain.  Left image: poppy field in Burma courtesy of wikimedia commons. Poppies are source for opium, a narcotic […]

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Testosterone for Dry Eye Syndrome Jeffrey Dach MD

Testosterone for Dry Eye Syndrome

Testosterone for Dry Eye Syndrome by Jeffrey Dach MD Mrs. B was 58 years old with typical menopausal symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes, and came to see me because of dry itchy, red eyes.  The lids sometimes swell because of the irritation.  Over the years, Mrs B had been to numerous eye doctors who […]

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PCOS Part One by Jeffrey Dach MD

PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Anovulatory Androgen Excess,  Part One by Jeffrey Dach MD This article is Part One of a series, For Part Two, Click Here. Alice is a 17 tyar old high school student and has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS.   She has about one menstrual cycle per year since age 13, and has […]

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Estrogen Prevents Heart Disease Bioidentical Hormones

Testosterone Erythrocytosis Thrombophilia and Heart Attack

Testosterone Erythrocytosis Thrombophilia and Heart Attack by Jeffrey Dach MD Link to this article. My previous article part one  and part two discussed recent studies showing increased heart attack rates in men starting testosterone.  Recently there have  been two more reports by Dr. Finkle and Dr Vigen confirming, yes, this is a real finding (6,7).    […]

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Trader Coates London Guardian2

Testosterone and the Stock Market Mania

Testosterone and the Stock Market Mania by Jeffrey Dach MD Could the stock market boom and bust cycles be caused by raging hormone levels that surge out of control ? A stock trader turned neuroscientist studied hormone levels on Wall Street and found that profits made was determined by high testosterone levels starting off in […]

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Testosterone and the Heart Part Two

Testosterone and the Heart, Part Two  by Jeffrey Dach MD In Part One, we discussed a 2010 study from Boston University in which testosterone was given to immobilized, elderly, obese male smokers.  The study was halted early because of poor outcome with increased heart attacks and “cardiac events”  in the testosterone treated group.  (1)  Upper […]

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AP A NE USA Diluting Smoking Bans

Testosterone and the Heart

Testosterone Found to Cause Heart Attacks in Obese Smokers With Heart Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD This article is Part One, For Part Two Click Here. For part three click here. How Not to Do a Testosterone Clinical Trial A testosterone study by Bhasin published in the New England Journal was halted early because the testosterone […]

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John Crisler on How to Use HCG in Males with Low Testosterone

John Crisler on How to Use HCG in Males with Low Testosterone. For many men with symptoms of low testosterone, HCG is a useful add-on for their program.  Thanks to Dr. John Crisler for sharing his HCG protocol...For More Click Here

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Increased Mortality from Blocking Testosterone

Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer by Jeffrey Dach MD Since the invention of the PSA test for prostate cancer, (prostate specific antigen) , it is quite common to detect elevated PSA in the male population.  Mainstream medical practice for these patients with elevated PSA is to refer them to a urologist for evaluation and possible […]

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Testosterone Found Beneficial For Diabetes

Testosterone Found Beneficial For Diabetes  by Jeffrey Dach MD At the 2011 Society for Endocrinology Meeting, Dr. Jones presented data on men with low testosterone and type two diabetes.  The authors studied 587 diabetic men over 6 years.  58 men received Testosterone Replacement.  and followed for 6 years and mortality rates reported.  The authors report […]

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