The TrueMedMD Program: 

What to Expect

First Office Visit

1) Extensive medical history.  (60-90 minutes face to face with the doctor)

2) Physical Examination including vital signs, neuro exam, auscultation of chest and heart sounds, etc.

3) Written Order for Labs tailored to clinical presentation:

Laboratory Evaluation for hormone levels, chem panel, CBC, lipid panel, thyroid panel, inflammatory markers,  vitamin D , B12, folate levels, etc.  Urinalysis, etc.  For blood lab panels, we use Quest or LabCorp, depending on your insurance coverage. We also use specialty lab testing with Enter0labs, ALCAT, Cyrex, and  Genova GI-FX and Doctor’s Data for heavy metals testing.

Second Office Visit

4) Lab Review Session to review all lab reports.

5) Treatment recommendations  made on second visit.

Call the office for details regarding fee schedule, and for more information on how to become a patient in the clinic.

Office Telephone 954-792-4663


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