0micron Has Mutated Into a Milder Disease

Omicron Has Mutated Into a Milder Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD

In the below 3 minute video interview Robert Malone MD discusses Omicron variant with Laura Ingraham of Fox News.  The good news is the Omicron has mutated into a milder form of disease which limits itself to the upper respiratory system, the nose and throat (nasopharynx), while sparing the lungs.  Dr. Malone even comments on how this new variant resembles a “live attenuated vaccine”, and considers Omicron a “Christmas Present”.   This means that once recovered from Omicron, one can attain natural immunity with a mild form of disease, similar to what might want of a hypothetical “live attenuated” vaccine developed in the lab.

Header image : EM of coronavirus courtesy of wikimedia commons.

Regarding mortality numbers globally from Omicron, Dr Malone is aware of only 10 deaths globally, to his knowledge, indicating a very low mortality rate from a relatively benign disease course. At this point in time most people are aware that the Press, Media and Government agencies  have been “fear mongering”.  Any attempts at restrictive lockdowns are completely unjustified.

The bad news is the currently available  mRNA vaccines are completely ineffective for Omicron, as it is highly infectious and “blows right through” two dose and booster doses of the vaccine.

In terms of public health policy, this information renders vaccination mandates and lockdowns an incorrect response to Omicron, since the mRNA vaccines are useless for this variant.  Instead the most logical public health policy is to use Early Treatment therapeutics such as Ivermectin, Budesonide, Aspirin, Vitamin D3, etc , and allow the Omicron variant to take its course throughout the population, safely generating natural immunity.  Once enough of the population has natural immunity, then we have reached “herd immunity” and the end of all this madness.

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