More Deceptive Drug Marketing from the New York Times

More Deceptive Drug Marketing from the New York Times

by Jeffrey Dach MD

A number of friends and family members have brought to my attention a New York Times article by David Leonhardt Feb 14, 2022 entitled, “Protecting the Vulnerable” from Covid.(1)  This sounds a lot like the Great Barrington Declaration of Kulldorff, Bhattacharya and Gupta, three previously eminent epidemiologists from top academic centers until Collins and Fauci at the NIH blacklisted their careers:  Here is a quote from Leonhardt:

“Good morning. We offer a guide to protecting vulnerable people — the elderly, immunocompromised and unvaccinated — from Covid…Today’s newsletter focuses on five steps that can help protect the vulnerable as society moves back toward normal…At this point in the pandemic, there is a strong argument that a targeted approach — lifting restrictions while taking specific measures to protect the vulnerable — can maximize public health.”

Next Leonhardt shows a chart based on CDC data showing 40-50 times less rate of hospitalization for the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.  How was data obtained? What are the biases. Is this accurate data? Can we trust the CDC knowing they have falsified data for two years, inflating numbers of Covid deaths, and inflating numbers of positive PCR tests (cranking up the amplification cycle threshold)?

Does this data reflect the same data in other countries, or is this data contradicted by other countries such as Scotland, UK, Iceland and Israel ?  For example, in Scotland, January data shows the vaccinated were twice as likely get COVID infection, and twice as likely to be hospitalized with Covid compared to the UN-vaccinated.  This is the opposite of the message from the CDC data.

In January, Public Health Scotland released age-adjusted figures showing a Covid case rate of 11 per 1000 in the unvaccinated, compared with 25 per 1000 in the double-jabbed. The jabbed were also twice as likely to be hospitalized. (2)

In Israel we also have contradictory data from Jacob Giris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward who says:

“Right now, most of our severe cases are vaccinated,” Giris told Channel 13 News. “They had at least three injections. Between seventy and eighty percent of the serious cases are vaccinated. So, the vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness, which is why just twenty to twenty-five percent of our patients are unvaccinated.” (3-4) emphasis mine

Original Pfizer Controlled Trial Data

The original Pfizer clinical trial data shows 24% increased mortality in the vaccine group compared to the placebo group. The trial was originally planned to continue 2 years. It was halted after 6 months, so we don’t have long term data.  This mortality finding is disturbing and a red flag warning the vaccine is harmful.  The basic rule of new drug approval is this question:  Do more people die in the drug group than the placebo group? If the answer is yes, why would anybody in their right mind take this drug?(5)

Next Leonhardt quotes an expert from Harvard:

“Vaccination is the most valuable intervention we can do,” William Hanage, an infectious-disease expert at Harvard, told me.

Yes, vaccination is valuable for the drug industry while they rake in billions, all the while enjoying full protection from any liability caused by their product.  If you are injured or killed by the vaccine, you have no recourse, and no one to help you. You are on your own.

Vitamin D3 for Covid

There is no mention of vitamin D3 to prevent mortality from COVID 19.   Recent Vitamin D studies shows  NO Mortality from Covid in people with a vitamin D level above 50 ng/ml.  A new study in Nutrients by Dr. Lorenz Borsche found that low vitamin D3 level correlates with increased mortality from Covid-19. The authors’ data shows zero mortality when Vitamin D3 level is raised to 50 ng/ml. Although Vitamin D is available over the counter without a prescription, it is recommended that one works closely with a knowledgeable physician who can monitor vitamin D levels. (19) The authors state:

Regression suggested a theoretical point of zero mortality at approximately 50 ng/mL D3….Despite ongoing vaccinations, we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity. (19)

In my opinion, Vitamin D3 is the most valuable intervention. Not vaccination.  You haven’t heard about vitamin D because it is cheap, and widely available at the health food store.

Early Treatment for Covid with Repurposed Antiviral Drugs

A study of outcomes with Early Treatment by Brian Procter et al shows a 85-90 % reduction in hospitalization and mortality from COVID. (24) There is no mention of this in the NYT article.  Early treatment modalities include zinc, quercetin, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, thymoquinone, steroids, blood thinners, anti-inflammatories, fluvoxamine, etc. (16-17)

Natural Immunity to COVID

There is no mention of protection offered by Natural immunity. By now a majority of the unvaccinated have natural immunity which is more durable and robust than immunity provided by vaccination which is of limited durability. (8-14)

Unlike the unvaccinated people who are now immune, the vaccinated people must now undergo repeated booster shots every 6 months with possible suppression of the immune system, which will render the vaccine ineffective or even rendering “negative efficacy”. The WHO advises against repeated boosters because of possible harm to the immune system. (15)

ADE (antibody dependent enhancement)

Over the last twenty years, all previous corona virus vaccine projects have failed, leaving dead or dying test animals.  Two years of data on this new , incompletely tested, rushed mRNA vaccine roll out shows waning efficacy after 4-6 months, after which repeated boosters are advised with horrendous adverse side effects reported in VAERS.(18)

Long term, we have no idea what the adverse effects of repeated boosters will do on the immune system, on cancer risk, on fertility impairment, on auto immune system, on neurological disease, on vascular disease, etc.   This is one giant highly risky experiment on the human population.

Previous RNA Vaccine Rollouts Did Not Fare Well

Previous human vaccines against RSV and Dengue virus resulted in failed vaccine trials because of ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement.  In the Philippines, failure of the Dengue vaccine program led to criminal charges for researchers.  830,000 children were given the “Dengvaxia”, Dengue virus vaccine, before the program was suspended in 2017. (11-13) Dr Wen Shi Lee writes in Nature Microbiology (2020):

Previous respiratory syncytial virus and dengue virus vaccine studies revealed human clinical safety risks related to ADE, resulting in failed vaccine trials. (6-7) Endquote Dr. Lee

The new mRNA COVID vaccines were not studied sufficiently to exclude ADE upon re-exposure to the virus in the vaccinated population.  Could negative efficacy in some studies be explained by ADE?

Repeated Boosters Ad Infinitum?

Once one starts on vaccination, when does it end? Many Public Health Officials have stated that repeated boosters every 6 months will be the norm. Israel is on its fourth shot (i.e. second booster) and case rate and deaths are the highest ever with omicron variant.

Adverse Effects

There is no mention of adverse side effects from the vaccine. The VAERS reporting system reports 20,000 deaths after vaccination . The under-reporting factor could be as high as 100, which translates to 2 million deaths after the vaccine in the US. This would make the COVID vaccine the most dangerous medical product ever rolled out for mass distribution.  So far, this has been ignored by the media and health agencies in the US.

Life Insurance executives are reporting 40% increased death payouts in the working ages US, not due to Covid virus. Could this be due to the vaccine?

Athletes are collapsing on the field in front of national television. Many are dying with heart attacks. Could this be due to the vaccine?

Vaccine adverse side effects from the Department of Defense Database are listed in Senator Ron Johnson’s letter to the Secretary of Defense 2/1/22.  Here is a link to the letter which contained this quote:

Based on data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), Renz
reported that these whistleblowers found a significant increase in registered diagnoses on DMED for miscarriages, cancer, and many other medical conditions in 2021 compared to a five-year average from 2016-2020.2 For example, at the roundtable Renz stated that registered diagnoses for neurological issues increased 10 times from a five-year average of 82,000 to 863,000 in 2021. There were also increases in registered diagnoses in 2021 for the following medical conditions:

Hypertension – 2,181% increase
Diseases of the nervous system – 1,048% increase
Malignant neoplasms of esophagus – 894% increase
Multiple sclerosis – 680% increase
Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs – 624% increase
Guillain-Barre syndrome – 551% increase
Breast cancer – 487% increase
Demyelinating Disease– 487% increase
Malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands – 474% increase
Female infertility – 472% increase
Pulmonary embolism – 468% increase
Migraines – 452% increase
Ovarian dysfunction – 437% increase
Testicular cancer – 369% increase
end quote Sen Ron Johnson

Spike Protein is Pathogenic, Engineered with Gain of Function

What is the mechanism of harm of the spike protein? It is now obvious the genetic sequence of the the original Wuhan strain virus was genetically manipulated in a lab to produce Gain of Function, make the virus more virulent by modifying the spike protein to attach to the ACE receptor. The vaccine uses a new and dangerous mRNA technology to “program” the cells of our bodies to make the pathogenic spike protein, the same genetic sequence published from the original Wuhan virus strain.

The adverse effects of the vaccine are due to the spike protein.  Uncontrolled production of spike protein causes myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clotting, heart attacks, strokes, vascular disease, autoimmune destruction of platelets with uncontrolled bleeding, neurological injury. Longer term adverse effects are unknown.

If the original Wuhan strain spike protein is a bio-engineered gain of function bio-weapon, then what would you call the mRNA vaccine which uses the same genetic sequence for the spike protein?  I would call it a perfect copy of the original bio-weapon.

High Quality Masks.

All the research looking at masks for prevention of influenza prior to to COVID pandemic shows masks are ineffective for prevention of viral transmission. Viruses travel as an aerosol which can not be stopped by a cloth mask. Try this experiment: Have a friend light a cigarette, put on a mask and blow the smoke out. Where does it go? The smoke is easily visible escaping as plumes from the sides of the mask. This is the virus aerosol spreading throughout the air in the room. Studies show that fully masked health care workers transmit the virus easily from one another with only a few minutes of short conversation. Masks are dangerous because they give a false sense of security. Cloth Masks used by the general public are frequently dirty and contaminated with bacteria and fungus causing infections on the face and eyes of the mask wearer. Masks obscure facial expressions and muffle speech. School Children forced to wear masks show developmental delays in speech and cognition.

Preventive Drugs.

We have repurposed antiviral drugs which are highly effective, safer and less expensive than the new patented drugs. These old drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been used safely for years. Yet, the media and the government agencies have vilified suppressed the use of these drugs for early treatment, causing untold suffering in the population.

Rapid Tests

Home tests can be useful. However, we don’t need a test to know we are symptomatic with an upper respiratory virus with fever, cough , sore throat congestion etc. Best advice is to stay home if one has symptoms, just like we all did pre-Covid.

Bottom line: This NYT piece is more drug marketing propaganda, painting the Covid vaccines as “safe and effective”  when they are neither.  Rather than submit the healthy elderly to the merri-go-round of unending dangerous and ineffective vaccines every 6 months, a far better plan would be to optimize vitamin D3, and use Ivermectin, zinc and Quercetin for prevention. If symptomatic, use Early Treatment with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Thymoquinone, blood thinners,  etc. Early treatment protocols are published in the medical literature.  Here is another one:  Covid Patient Home Treatment Guide AAPS  Why would anyone in their right mind submit to a poorly tested experimental treatment using a new mRNA technology which programs our cells to uncontrollably manufacture a pathogenic protein, the spike protein having the exact same genetic sequence as the original Gain of Function Wuhan strain virus ?  Why would anyone trust the drug industry or their media mouthpieces to tell the truth about anything ?  Do not forget, the vaccine makers have no product liability, no incentive to make a safe product. And, the drug industry has paid out 35 billion dollars in civil and criminal penalties, and has only one loyalty, to make profits for its shareholders.   They are not to be trusted.

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Giris also spoke at the cabinet meeting on Sunday and told ministers, “Defining a serious patient is problematic. For example, a patient with a chronic lung disease always had a low level of oxygen, but now he has a positive coronavirus test result which technically makes him a ‘serious coronavirus patient,’ but that’s not accurate. The patient is only in a difficult condition because he has a serious underlying illness.”

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