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Reversing Heart Disease with DeToxMax Plus and Lipophos EDTA

Reversing Heart Disease with DeToxMax Plus and Lipophos EDTA  by Jeffrey Dach MD The Most Effective Therapy for Reversing Plaque James Roberts MD is a cardiologist, lecturer and author who has written extensively on his experience using a nutritional supplement which is capable of reversing heart disease.  The name is  Essential Phospholipids with EDTA.  The […]

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EECP ExtraCorporeal External Counter-Pulsation

  EECP ExtraCorporeal External Counter-Pulsation by Jeffrey Dach MD Reversing Heart Disease How to Avoiding Cardiac Bypass and Stenting with a non-invasive procedure your doctor won’t tell you about. Stimulating Collateral Vessels with EECP I first learned of EECP from a talk given by Julian Whitaker MD at one of the large national medical meetings […]

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Oral Estrogen Blood Clots

Transdermal vs. Oral Estrogen Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD

Transdermal vs. Oral Estrogen Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD In part one, we explored the studies which show that transdermal estrogen delivery is preferable over the oral pill form of delivery.  In part two of this series, we will explore further the studies which explain why oral estrogen pills are associated with a hypercoagulability […]

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Donating Blood Prevents Heart Disease

Donating Blood at the Blood Bank  by Jeffrey Dach MD Don’t Over Do It George Washington’s death in 1799 was attributed to a discredited  practice called “blood letting”, accepted in the 1700’s as treatment for virtually any ailment.  One day. George Washington contracted a sore throat, and his doctors removed seven pints of blood (3,750 […]

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Low Salt Diet Part Two

Low Salt Diet Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD This article is part two of a series, for part one, click here. In Part One, we discussed the medical studies showing increased mortality from  salt restriction.  You may have been wondering about this if you saw a recent article in the New York Times by […]

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