CHC - 13

Reversing Heart Disease with DeToxMax Plus and Lipophos EDTA

CHC - 13Reversing Heart Disease with DeToxMax Plus and Lipophos EDTA 

by Jeffrey Dach MD

The Most Effective Therapy for Reversing Plaque

James Roberts MD is a cardiologist, lecturer and author who has written extensively on his experience using a nutritional supplement which is capable of reversing heart disease.  The name is  Essential Phospholipids with EDTA.  The two products he mentions are DeToxMax and LipoPhos EDTA .

Essential Phospholipid is also available as Lipophoson Amazon.

Here is a link to a video of James C Roberts MD reversing heart disease with Essential Phospholipid  EDTA. (courtesy of James C Roberts MD)

Upper left image: Schematic of Phosphatidyl choline molecule  Courtesy of James Roberts MD.

Here is Dr James Robert’s Video and text paraphrased for your convenience:  

Reverse Heart Disease Now Roberts Sinatra

Dr. James Roberts:

Phosphatidylcholine Therapy (PC) –  is the most effective therapy in the anti-atherosclerotic armamentarium. The PC molecule improves cell membrane function, increasing absorption of oxygen and nutrition at the cellular level.

Left Image: Book Cover, courtesy of James S Roberts MD and Steven Sinatra MD, Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It’s Too Late.

PC Stimulates Reverse Cholesterol Transport

PC stimulates the HDL-associated enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport, promoting the removal of excess cholesterol from our cells, including the endothelial cells that line our arteries. PC has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce symptoms in humans with narrowed arteries, and to anatomically reverse atherosclerotic narrowings in animals and in humans.

History and Availability of PC –

In Europe, PC is a now-off-patent drug, available under the trade names Lipostabil or N-Essentialle. In researching PC, Dr. Roberts found reference to 1500 papers or abstracts documenting its efficacy in cardiovascular, neurological, and liver disease.

PC is now off patent, and as such is ignored in standard European medicine ,  PC is a distillate of soybean lecithin, which is natural and cannot be patented in the US. Without patent protection, no drug company will fund research. Thus PC never became a drug in the US, and only recently have nutritionally oriented US physicians become aware of its anti-atherosclerotic benefits.

PC can be legally imported into the US to treat individual patients, and PC is now available to US physicians from American compounding pharmacies. This molecule is available in oral form, over-the counter, under the trade name of Nutrasal Phoschol, or admixed with EDTA as DeToxMax, which is better absorbed more clinically effective.

Dr Jacob Rinse Chemist Who Invented PC

The chemical structure of PC was discovered by a chemist Jacob Rinse, obtained by taking soybean lecithin and linoleic acid (safflower or sunflower oil) together, this is the Rinse Formula, found as a booklet in most health food stores.  Dr. Rinse was a brilliant bio-chemist who used biochemistry to devise a supplement to reverse his own heart disease.

What is PC? – It’s a Triglyceride

CHC - 13PC is a triglyceride, the smallest component of fat, which consists of three fatty acids bound to a single molecule of glycerol. (see left image)

Phosphatidylcholine contains two fatty acids called Linoleic Acid, and one molecule of Choline (phosphocholine which is choline attached to phosphorus).  This is all bound to the glycerol molecule.(see left image)

The benefit of a PC- phosphatidylcholine is related to its fatty acid components. When both of the fatty acids within a phosphatidylcholine molecule are linoleic acid, that phosphatidylcholine molecule provides unique health benefits, and we refer to this molecule as essential phospholipid or PC.

How PC Works –

A. Cell membrane fluidity – Saturated/ Trans vs Unsaturated fats

If our diet is rich in saturated and trans-fats, our cell membranes are stiff and dysfunctional, and we get disease states like diabetes, cancer, and atherosclerosis.

The intake of unsaturated fatty acids and phosphatidylcholines, on the other hand, leads to good cell membrane function and vibrant health. Of all dietary and therapeutic fatty materials, none improves cell membrane function as well as does PC.

Good for the Liver and for Neurologic Disease as well

The liver conducts nearly all functions on cell membranes. Thus, liver disease improves in response to PC. The choline portion of PC can be split off and used to make Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Thus PC is valuable in neurological disease, improving cell membrane function and serving as a precursor for Acetylcholine production.

B. Reverse cholesterol transport –

Although Cholesterol has been vilified as “the cause” of cardiovascular disease – that’s not true,  Cholesterol is actually a key raw material for the body. Cholesterol is the precursor for Vitamin D, steroidal hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, etc.), and digestive bile acids.

Cholesterol is required in all our cell membranes. Our body requires about 800 mg of cholesterol each day. If dietary intake of cholesterol drops off, the liver will compensate by making more.

Cholesterol is not the culprit. Oxidized cholesterol is the culprit.

Cholesterol itself is not a cause of cardiovascular disease (would Mother Nature try to  kill us?). Rather, the cause is inability to process cholesterol properly and/or an inability to prevent oxidation of cholesterol free radicals.

Cholesterol Metabolism-LDL particles

The liver makes LDL particles by coating the cholesterol with protein, to make a water soluble LDL-cholesterol lipoprotein, which then goes out into the circulation to provide cholesterol to cells that need it.

Oxidized Cholesterol can enter cells in excess

Cholesterol in our circulation can bypass the cholesterol receptor and enter our cells in excessive amounts only if it is oxidized by free radicals. Oxidized cholesterol bypasses the cholesterol receptor and can enter our cells, producing cholesterol toxicity. Oxidized cholesterol can and will incorporate itself into the plaque that narrows our blood vessels. Oxidized cholesterol can and will destabilize the plaques, converting a stable plaque into a heart attack or stroke. Cholesterol is not the culprit. Oxidized cholesterol is the culprit.

Protect Against Cholesterol Oxidation

We know how we can protect against free radical oxidation of cholesterol. First we can avoid oxidants (i.e. stop smoking). Second we can remove pro-oxidants from our bodies (i.e. remove Lead and Mercury with EDTA and DMSA). Third we can take antioxidants .

Reverse Cholesterol Transport

Mother Nature gave us the Reverse Cholesterol Transport System, which brings excess cholesterol back to the liver for removal.  Reverse Cholesterol Transport System requires Phosphatidylcholine (PC) which contains two fatty acids and a phosphocholine group.

The LCAT Enzyme

image002An enzyme present in our circulation, Lecithin Cholesterol Acyl Transferase (LCAT), removes one fatty acid from Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and attaches it to cholesterol, converting cholesterol into a compound celled a cholesterol ester, which is then taken up by a HDL lipoprotein and transported back to the liver, from where the cholesterol is excreted from the body in the form of a bile salt, a digestive enzyme that the liver manufactures from cholesterol. (see image at upper left courtesy of James C Roberts MD).  

Reverse Cholesterol Transport – Poisoned by Heavy Metals

Reverse cholesterol transport is the means by which Mother Nature removes excessive cholesterol from the body and keeps our arteries clear of disease. The key enzyme, Lecithin Cholesterol Acyl Transferase, is stimulated by Phosphatidylcholine, and is poisoned by heavy metals such as Lead, Cadmium, and especially Mercury.

The reason that your cholesterol level is rising as you age is due to the progressive loss of LCAT enzyme function due to the progressive heavy metal overload that characterizes the ageing process in our society. As the LCAT enzyme becomes progressively dysfunctional, your HDL particles stop working, you cannot scavenge excess cholesterol from your cells back to your liver, so you accumulate cholesterol, some of it becomes oxidized (the metals do this as well), and you fill up with plaque and have a heart attack.

Now, if you supplement with antioxidant vitamins and minerals and remove toxic metals from your body, this process will reverse itself; your enzyme systems come back on line and restore health. In the patient with severe atherosclerotic vascular disease and pre-existent blockages, we need to take things a step further – we need to stimulate LCAT activity. the process of reverse cholesterol transport.  This is stimulated by phosphatidylcholine PC, with its two linoleic acids.

LCAT stimulation is 100 times greater than in the presence of phosphatidylcholine containing saturated fatty acids. So if we give you PC, what will happen?  Vascular Disease improves with reduction in arterial plaque and improved blood flow.  PC opens up arteries, improves blood flow, and reverses symptoms.

Our Best Anti-Atherosclerotic Therapy

As stated above, PC is our best anti-atherosclerotic therapy.  While I have been impressed with the efficacy of IV PC, I have not been overwhelmed with the results of oral PC. .

A better compromise is DeToxMax (or by another manufacturer as LipoPhosEDTA). In the preparation of DeToxMax/LipoPhosEDTA, the PC is whipped at high speed, breaking down the oily material into small particles, small particles that are rapidly absorbed across the GI tract. These tiny PC particles also become treatment delivery vehicles. EDTA is admixed with PC during the preparation of DeToxMax. DeToxMax thus provides PC and EDTA (along with magnesium and lipoic acid) in a readily absorbable state.

Getting back to our biochemistry, our goal here is to stimulate the activity of HDL-associated LCAT. which can be poisoned by heavy metals and stimulated by PC. DeToxMax removes heavy metals and provides PC promoting the function of LCAT, reverse cholesterol transport,

In practice, in sick individuals who need help in a hurry I will alternate IV PC and EDTA, 10 to 20 treatments of each, and then switch them to oral DeToxMax. For prevention, or in stable patients, I will begin with DeToxMax, 1/2 bottle twice a week, for 20-40 weeks, and then 1/4 bottle a week for maintenance therapy.

James C Roberts Case Reports on the Clinical Use of PC to reverse vascular disease.  Click on each Link:

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Lipostabil and Lower Extremity Blood Flow

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DeToxMax in Progressive Claudication – HD

DeToxMax in Carotid Artery Disease

Courtesy of James C. Roberts MD FACC  12/07/06

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Plaquex ®  History and References

This is a small family owned US company which makes IV or oral essential phopholipid available to medical practitioners.  This is the original European formula.   In 2006 Plaquex® Oral Gel Capsules were made available.  The IV product comes from a compounding pharmacy in Las Vegas, AnazaoHealth®

Medical Refences for the IV essential Phopholipid can be found at the  Plaquex ®  Web Site.


Update March 2014:  Shane the People’s Chemist has compounded a supplement for the cardiac stent patient.  Called CardioFX Blend 500mg

Ingredient List:
Grape seed 5:1
Hawthorn Berry 4:1
Magnesium Citrate 20%


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  1. bacullen June 1, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    The explanation of why oxidized cholesterol leads to plaque formation leaves a lot unexplained. When I read the original article by Wentworth et al in Science Nov 7 2003 I was gobsmacked. (C&EN release; Now everything made sense and in the ensuing 10 years very little more because of the potential for the Commercial Medical Industry to lose huge sums of money if a way could be found to minimize the formation of ozone by microphages.

    So the problem is not oxidized or epoxidized cholesterol but ozonized cholesterol produced at the sight of an infection. [I remember reading a reference to a study that showed a 70% reduction in CAD in those taking Leviquin for another reason but I can no longer find that reference.]

    Hope this helps,

    • Jeffrey Dach MD June 2, 2013 at 6:48 AM

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Gary November 14, 2013 at 9:58 AM

    Published clinical results with NanobacTX are even more dramatic. James Roberts, MD, FACC has used our NanobacTX in over 500 of his worst coronary artery disease patients with beautiful results of reversal of heart disease. PHYSICIAN TESTIMONIALS:

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