ḎeIta /ariant Renders Current /aʗʗines Obsolete

Delta Variant Renders Current Vaccines Obsolete

by Jeffrey Dach MD

A new study by Dr. Yahi from  Marseille, France in “Infection” confirms the current Covid-19 vaccines as initially effective against the original Wuhan strain of the Covid-19 virus. Initially, antibody balance favors the neutralizing antibodies, the “good antibodies” which bind to and neutralize the virus, preventing disease.   This is a good thing.(1)  Unfortunately, vaccine efficacy wanes over 6 months as demonstrated in 31 studies compiled by Paul Elias Alexander of the Brownstone Institute.(26)  (Above image is Fig 2 courtesy of Dr.Yahi (2021) Neutralization vs ADE balance according to SARS-CoV-2 strains.) 

As most of us know, the original Wuhan strain is now extinct, having mutated into the Delta variant.  For this new Delta variant, the balance has shifted to the Enhancing Antibodies (ADE), the bad ones enhancing entry of virus into cells and causing worsening disease. This is a bad thing.(1)

For this reason the authors recommend switching gears.  They actually recommend discontinuing the current generation of vaccines, and replacing them with a newer generation of vaccines which do not contain the “epitopes” which cause ADE antibody dependent enhancement.  Unfortunately this new generation of vaccines has not yet been developed, and given the inability to make safe corona-virus vaccines over the past 20 years, there may never be a safe “next generation” of Covid vaccines.

Halt the Vaccine Program, Pivot to Therapeutics

In plain English, the authors say this means we need to stop the vaccine program because antibody dependent enhancement is making things worse.  However, the authors are silent on the next obvious conclusion:  Our public health policy needs to pivot to a therapeutic program already in wide use by many other countries around the globe, namely the use of highly effective repurpose drugs and supplements. This combination includes Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Budesenide, Fluvoxamine, Aspirin, Mono-Clonal Antibodies, Anticoagulants, Anti-inflammatories, etc.(35-54)

Such an early Treatment Program has been developed and used by the Front Line Critical Care Consortium (FLCCC) called the iMASK Protocol, Critical Care Alliance.

A similar early treatment program has been published in peer reviewed medical literature by Dr. Peter McCoullough, listed here:

McCullough, Peter A., et al. “Multifaceted-highly-targeted-sequential-multidrug-treatment-of-early-ambulatory-high-risk-SARS-CoV-2-Infection  (COVID-19).” Reviews in cardiovascular medicine 21.4 (2020): 517.

McCullough, Peter A., et al. “Pathophysiological basis and rationale for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection.The American journal of medicine 134.1 (2021): 16-22.

Zero Mortality by Raising Vitamin D3 to 50 ng/ml

A new study in Nutrients by Dr. Lorenz Borsche found that low vitamin D3 level correlates with increased mortality from Covid-19.  The authors’ data shows zero mortality when Vitamin D3 level is raised to 50 ng/ml.  Although Vitamin D is available over the counter without a prescription, it is recommended that one works closely with a knowledgeable physician who can monitor vitamin D levels. (33)  The authors state:

Regression suggested a theoretical point of zero mortality at approximately 50 ng/mL D3….Despite ongoing vaccinations, we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.

These Vitamin D3 preventive and Early Treatment Protocols are highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death, rendering the virus similar to all the other every-day viruses we come into contact with.  Once recovered, the patient have robust natural immunity, vastly superior to the now obsolete Covid mRNA vaccines, a misnomer as mRNA “vaccines” are experimental “gene therapies” rather than traditional vaccines. (2-3)

Early treatment programs are especially important for people 6 months  after vaccination, when waning vaccine efficacy increases susceptibility to “breakthrough infections” which as Dr Rochelle Walensky at the CDC warned, “may be of increased severity”,  suggesting ADE, antibody dependent enhancement.

“Pouring Gasoline on the Fire”

An Op Ed by Daniel Horowitz December 03, 2021 in Blaze reviews the issue of ADE caused by vaccines, quoting the study by Dr Yair from Marseille France:

The vaccine is the problem, not the solution. Delta should not have been worse than a previous variant and, in fact, should have been less virulent. But it might have gotten worse because of vaccine-mediated viral enhancement caused by suboptimal evolutionary pressure with a leaky, narrow-spectrum vaccine…the reality of the past year has shown that fighting the virus with the current vaccines is akin to pouring gasoline instead of water on a fire.

Waning Vaccine Efficacy

A second issue with the vaccines is waning efficacy which has been revealed by numerous published studies. (15-20)(26) See below graph of waning efficacy courtesy of Dr Barbara Cohn.(32) Cohn Barbara Breakthrough SARS CoV2 Veterans, Feb 2021 to Aug 2021 medRxiv..full

Above Image Fig 1 Time dependent vaccine protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection time of vaccination based on PCR testing. Note: By August, Janssen approaches 3% efficacy, Moderna 64%  and Pfizer 50% efficacy by August. (Cohn, Barbara 2021) (32)

Infectiousness protection of vaccine “vanishes” at 6 months post vaccination

Dr Levine-Tiefenbrun in Israel studied efficacy of Pfizer vaccine during latest Delta variant wave.  They studied viral loads in 11,000 Covid infections and concluded:

analyzing viral loads of over 11,000 infections during the current wave in Israel, we find that even though this wave is dominated by the Delta-variant, breakthrough infections in recently vaccinated patients, still within 2 months post their second vaccine inoculation, do have lower viral loads compared to unvaccinated patients, with the extent of viral load reduction similar to pre-Delta breakthrough observations. Yet, this infectiousness protection starts diminishing for patients two months post vaccination and ultimately vanishes for patients 6 months or longer post vaccination. (55) (emphasis mine).

Marked Rise in Frequency of Severe Breakthrough Cases Over Time

Stephen Wang et al studied Covid breakthrough infections in the Yale New Haven Health system publishing in Lancet Microbe Dec 3, 2021.  The authors found marked rise in severe and critical breakthrough Covid cases as vaccine efficacy wanes with time, writing:

evaluation of time to COVID-19 from the date of final vaccine dose showed a marked rise in the frequency of severe breakthrough cases with an increasing number of days since completed vaccination.(56)

Note: breakthrough infections are defined as covid infections in the vaccinated population.

Mortality 23% Greater than Placebo

A third issue is the new revelation that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine clinical data submitted to the FDA was not the final data.  New documents submitted by Pfizer reveal the total deaths in the vaccine arm was 21, not 15.  The Placebo arm was only 17 deaths, a 23.5% higher death rate in the vaccine arm compared to placebo, (4 divided by17).   This 23% higher mortality in the vaccine arm of the study is a red flag, normally prompting denial of FDA approval. Instead we have a corrupt government agency approving a medical product which kills people at a rate of 23% greater than placebo.(28) (58)

Red Flag, Increased All Cause Mortality After Vaccine Roll Out

Similar to the 23% higher all cause mortality in the vaccine arm of Pfizer’s clinical trial, national All-Cause Mortality during the 2021 vaccination roll-out is considerably higher than previous years, another red flag we are dealing with a flawed medical product. (11-13)(30)

Natural Immunity is Superior to Vaccination

More studies on natural immunity are accumulating weekly showing those who have recovered from Covid-19 have robust durable immunity far superior to vaccination. The Brownstone Institute has compiled 135 such studies. (27)

A new study from Dr. Stijn P. Andewegthe in the Netherlands, in preprint, compared vaccine immunity with natural immunity.  The authors show the vaccinated have increased risk of “breakthrough” infection with the Delta variant compared to the Alpha (earlier) variant. On the other hand, the unvaccinated, with natural immunity after recovery from Covid infection have superior protection and are NOT at increased risk of infection with Delta compared to the Alpha variant.(31)

European Parliament member (MEP) Nicolaus Fest (AfD) of Germany addresses the Parliament discussing the problems associated with mass vaccination with the current generation of mRNA vaccines:

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