Finding The Right Thyroid Doctor

Finding the Right Thyroid Doctor

by Jeffrey Dach MD

Finding the right thyroid doctor is perhaps the single most important step in your road to recovery.  If you are on T4 monotherapy with your local endocrinologist, and doing well, then go no further.  No change is needed.  However, if you have persistent symptoms of a low thyroid condition, and would like to try natural desiccated thyroid, then finding the right doctor might be difficult.  Above header image courtesy of Feature Pics (royalty free)

Many of my patients are referred to me from other health care professionals in the area,  other doctors, chiropractors, pharmacists, herbalists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, holistic health professionals, RN’s, nurse practitioners, midwifes and even the hair stylist !!  So try asking your local ancillary health care professionals who they recommend in the area.

Many of my patients find me on the internet by searching for natural desiccated thyroid in the local area.  Some will read my newsletter for many years, and eventually call for an appointment and seek treatment.

Call Your Local Compounding Pharmacy

Your local compounding pharmacy is an excellent resource for finding a doctor in your area who prescribes natural desiccated thyroid.  Simply explain to the pharmacist your predicament, and ask them if they can help.  They are usually glad to give you a few names of local doctors who will prescribe NDT. If you don’t have a compounding pharmacy near you, then call a national compounding pharmacy such as Women’s International Pharmacy, 2 Marsh Ct, Madison, WI 53718.  Since they serve the entire nation, they can usually give you the names of a few local doctors who can help.

Narrowing Down the List

Now that you have a list of names, it is important to select a thyroid doctor with a few years experience and expertise.  In other words, if your doctor is an anesthesiologist who decided to change fields and just started out prescribing natural thyroid, perhaps there are other more suitable choices.  If you doctor has more than ten years of experience prescribing natural thyroid then that is usually a good indicator.  If your doctor has a few medical books published on Amazon, that is usually a good indication.

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