Spironolactone for Female Acne Safe and Effective

Spironolactone for Female Acne is Safe and Effective

by Jeffrey Dach MD

My patient, Rebecca lives in Shanghai so we do our follow up called via Skype video conference. On the last call, I asked Rebecca, “how are you doing?”, and she informed me , ” Oh, I’m OK except for these annoying acne breakouts.”  We then launched into a discussion of acne prevention with vitamin B5 and L-carnitine as described in my previous article.

Afterwards, I realized I forgot to mention an old blood pressure drug called spironolactone which also serves as an anti-acne drug by inhibiting testosterone.  We have many patients finding it is helpful in controlling acne.  Usual dosage is 100 mg daily.  Left Image Mona Lisa with Acne courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci and Paris Louvre Museum..

Dr. Marchbein believes spironolactone should be first-line therapy and standard of care for adult women with acne.  He says:

“even though spironolactone is not indicated as a first-line treatment in the newest acne guidelines. I think we are doing a disservice to our acne patients by not positioning spironolactone as first-line therapy.”(1)

Jeffrey Dach MD

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