Measles Autism and Vaccination in Somalis in Minnesota

Measles Autism and Vaccination in Somalis in Minnesota

A recent outbreak of measles in the Somali community in Minnesota has the main stream media riled up, blaming anti-vaccination activists.  There is so much rancor on this topic,  a Boston Herald editorial calls for hanging execution of anti-vaccination activists.  Why are these extremes of opinion published in the mainstream media against people who are questioning a medical procedure?  I find this bizarre and disturbing.

Canary in the Coal Mine

The Somali Migrant community in Minnesota is the canary in the coal mine regarding MMR vaccination and autism.  Having the highest MMR vaccination rates for many years, the Somali community was also afflicted with the highest autism rates of any community.  Notice the fact that for Somalis living in Somalia, autism is nonexistent. Clearly, there is some environmental factor in the US sparking the high autism rate for Somalis who immigrate to Minnesota.  Somali mothers in Minnesota became concerned and began to decline the measles vaccination.  Canary Image Courtesy of Share America Gov.

Boston Herald Wants to HANG YOU

To give you an idea of the type of inflammatory rhetoric found in the mainstream media, take a look at this Boston Herald editorial:

“These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense. Boston Herald Editorial

With all due respect to the editorial staff of the Boston Herald, I would like to see their omitted data on this question.  According to William Thomson, a whistle blower at the CDC, this data set showing increased autism in African American children after MMR vacccine was intentionally destroyed by the CDC.

Secondly, asserting that “measles can kill” is a deceptive statement, as there has been only one reported death from measles in the US in the last 10 years.  One can also say that a glass of water can kill if you aspirate it.  Mortality from measles is a greater problem in malnourished children in third world countries.  However, these kids need food and water, not vaccination.

David Brownstein MD Speaks Out

Perhaps the best summary of the Somali autism vaccine debate can be found in this excellent article by David Brownstein MD.  Firstly, Dr Brownstein reminds us that measles is a benign childhood disease.  TV sitcoms such as the Brady Bunch have expressed this fact.

Secondly, having childhood measles confers life long immunity to the virus.  Newborns receive antibodies from their mothers and are protected.   Vaccination confers only temporary immunity, and mothers who were vaccinated in childhood, no longer have antibodies to transmit to their newborns who are no longer protected.  This is a huge issue.

Death from Measles or Death from Measles Vaccine?

According to Dr Brownstein,

“During the last 10 years, there has been one death from measles, but that patient was an adult woman who was on  immunosuppressive medications and had other serious health problems.” 

However, there are 156 deaths related to MMR vaccine reported by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) from 2000 to 2017

Corruption and Fraud at the CDC

A CDC scientist with whistleblower status has stated under oath, “that the CDC destroyed, hid and falsified data that showed a clear link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  And, the altered CDC data revealed that the most affected group of children were African American boys.”

“A CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson co-authored a 2004 CDC study which claimed the MMR vaccine was not associated with autism.  In 2014, Dr. Thompson admitted that the 2004 CDC study was altered to hide a 240% increase in autism in African American children who were vaccinated before 36 months of age when compared to those vaccinated later. Furthermore, there was a 69% increase risk in autism in all male children who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months. (1) Under emotional and mental distress over what happened, Dr. Thompson contacted Brian Hooker, PhD who has a son with autism caused by vaccine injury. Dr. Thompson gave Dr. Hooker the missing 2004 data which Dr. Hooker published in August, 2014 in the Translational Neurodegeneration Journal. (2)  ” Quote from David Brownstein MD  Note: the 2014 Brian Hooker study published in Translational Neurodegeneration was later retracted by the editors.

Conclusion:   It is quite obvious the mainstream media is a mouthpiece for pro-vaccine corporate interests.  These shrill outcries against vaccine activists by the mainstream media represent propaganda and yet another example of the information war between vaccine manufacturers and the public.  Don’t be deceived and fooled by the propaganda.

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Jeffrey Dach MD

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Measles, Vaccines, and Somolians in Minnesota

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