Mike Adams Natural News Black Listed by Google


Mike Adams Natural News Black Listed by Google Search Engine

by Jeffrey Dach MD

Breaking News:  Mike Adams Natural News web site has been black listed by Google.  This means  all of the 140,000 pages on the Natural News web site have been deleted from Google search results.  This is a form of authoritarian censorship found in dictatorship countries like communist China, Stalinist Russia and of course, Nazi Germany.

I don’t always agree with everything on the Natural News Web site, however, I respect their right to say it.

Information War Escalates to New Level

Free speech censorship could never happen in a free society which enjoys freedom of speech protected by constitutional rights.   Obviously, this indicates we do not have freedom of speech on the internet.  This form of censorship indicates the “information war” has escalated to a new level, and is a very bad omen for things to come.

Mike Adams of Natural News

Remarks on Being Blacklisted by Google:

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