Dr Mehmet Oz Smear Campaign Back Fires

In round one of the war between Monsanto and Dr OZ, a poisoned pen was mailed to Columbia University.  Here is a quote:

“We are surprised and dismayed that Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons would permit Dr. Mehmet Oz to occupy a faculty appointment, let alone a senior administrative position in the Department of Surgery.”

Round Two – The Goon Squad

In round two, Dr Oz did his own Google search on the ten signatories of the letter, discovering they were part of a “goon squad” with financial ties to Monsanto, and the chemical/pesticide industry.  Dr Oz then posted his own video revealing the names and backgrounds of this “goon squad”, with financial ties to Monsanto.  Some of the people who signed the letter actually had criminal convictions for medical related fraud.(6-8) 

Dr. Oz announced to his critics: “We are not going anywhere”.

Repeating the Rachel Carson Story ?

The title of Rachel Carson’s 1962 book, “Silent Spring”, refers to the mass extermination of birds from indiscriminate spraying of DDT over agricultural fields. The Spring months were “silent” because the song-birds all died from the toxic pesticide exposure.  Left Image: Rachel Carson

Taking On the Chemical Industry

Rachel Carson bravely took on the entire Chemical Industry which fought her by hiring their own “experts”, goons with scientific credentials, to attack her work. The attacks back fired, providing even more media attention to her work and the health dangers of pesticides. DDT was banned in 1972.

Dr. Mehmet Oz – History Repeats Itself.

Now history repeats itself.  A recent World Health Organisation report, the IARC, labels Monsanto’s herbicide, Glyphosate, a “probable human carcinogen”.  Dr Oz discussed the IARC report, pointing out the environmental dangers of herbicides on the air during his show.

Dr. Oz might as well have painted a large bulls-eye on his forehead, because  Immediately after this show aired, he became the primary target of a chemical industry goon squad.  launching a smear campaign to discredit him.   Just as in the case of Rachel Carson, I predict these attacks will back fire, and we will see more public awareness and a major turning point in the battle against toxic chemicals in our environment and food.

World Health Organization Report Labels Glyphosate as “probably” Carcinogenic

A recent report from IARC labels Monsanto’s herbicide, Round-up, chemical name, Glyphospate as “probably carcinogenic”.

Glyphosates Linked to Renal Disease, and Renal Failure in Farmers.

Perhaps more disturbing than causing cancer, numerous reports have linked glyphosate to kidney disease and renal failure. (1)(12-23)   The toxicity is based on the  chelating ability of glyphosate, and the formation of  glyphosate-heavy metal complexes which damage the kidneys.  A number of countries such as Sri Lanka and El Salvador have already banned or limited its use. (12-23) (Above Left image heavy metal toxic nephropathy renal biopsy slide courtesy of emedicine.)

death acute-renal-failure GlyphosateDeaths (yellow vertical bars) from acute renal failure in the US have increased with the use of Glyphosate (red line) (see above chart courtesy USDA, CDC NASS found in Genetically engineered crops glyphosate deterioration health United States Swanson J Organic Systems 2014)

Glyphosate Residues in Food and In Humans

Since Glyphosate is a commonly used herbicide, and it is sprayed over agricultural areas copiously, a number of alarming studies show high levels of glyphosate residue in our food.  Further testing of human blood and urine shows we are all contaminated by Glyphosate residues. (24-25)  Left Image Glyphosate Spraying from airplane.

Conclusion: Like it or not, we are all experiencing the health consequences of Glyphosate contamination, made by Monsanto, also known as “Mon-Satan”.  We need proper labeling of GMO food, so consumers can exercise their right of free choice.  We need non-biased scientific studies, done privately outside the control of the chemical/pesticide industry, looking at the adverse health effects of GMO food, and herbicides like glyphosate. Finally, we need to protect the whistle blower professionals, and Television celebrities from harassment and persecution by “goon squads” of the chemical/pesticide industry.

Update: in depth article by Mae Wan Ho:
Why Glyphosate Should Be Banned by Maw Wan Ho of Isis.

Dr. Oz Controversy Lambasted By The Forces Of Villainy by Prof Keith Scott Mumby MD

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Roundup Glyphosate Converging Pattern of Toxicity Farm to Clinic to Laboratory Studies.  We need to ban glyphosate from our own communities as most governments fail to protect  citizens by Dr Eva Sirinathsinghj ISIS 2015 Roundup Glyphosate Converging Pattern of Toxicity Farm Clinic Eva Sirinathsinghj ISIS 2015

Richard, Sophie, et al. “Differential effects of glyphosate and roundup on human placental cells and aromatase.” Environmental health perspectives (2005): 716-720.Glyphosate roundup on human placental cells and aromatase.Richard Environmental health perspectives 2005

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Glyphosate(Left Image chemical structure of Glyphosate)

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Dr Mehmet Oz 3Renal Failure and Kidney Disease Caused by Glyphosate

Sri Lanka had originally imposed a total ban based on evidence of glyphosate link to a deadly kidney disease, with prevalence estimated at 15 % affecting a total of 400 000 patients with an estimated death toll of around 20 000. Under pressure from industry, it has now a partial ban in certain districts [19].

El Salvador, stricken with the same lethal kidney disease epidemic, has voted to ban glyphosate along with 52 other chemicals since 2013 [20], though it has yet to be written into law, again under great pressure from industry.

BDr Mehmet Oz 4razil’s Federal Public Prosecutor has requested the Justice Department to ban glyphosate along with 8 other chemicals [21]. Finally, the Dutch Parliament voted for a ban on non-agricultural uses [22].

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dr Mehmet Oz 7Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, who hosts a popular but controversial TV health program, devoted several segments of his April 7 program to a discussion of the glyphosate cancer risk.

Glyphosate, created in the 1970s, is the key ingredient in the Roundup and many other herbicides. Much of Monsanto’s business model depends on the sale of its “Roundup Ready” seeds, which grow crops that are genetically modified for resistance to glyphosate.

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Dr. Oz addresses the 10 doctors who signed the headline-grabbing letter calling for Columbia University to fire him.

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More articles on Gyphosate

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