Hashimotos Case Report Number One

Case Number One


36 year old female with cheif complaint of irritable, moody, crying easily, hair loss, chronic fatigue, weight gain.  Pt is on no medications. Partial hysterectomy 10 years ago. (ovaries preserved)  Takes garlic and grape seed extract to prevent yeast infection.

Physical exam


Labs on entry

TSH 4.82
Free T3 260
Free T4 1.0
TPO antibodies 676
Estradiol 210
PRogesterone 15.0
Thiamine 78 (low)
CRP 2.7
Selenium 90 (low)
Iodine 45
H Pylori Breath Test Positive

Labs 6 months later

TSH .02
Free T3 440
Free T4 1.3
TPO Ab 298
Thiamine 95
CRP 0.9
Selenium 153
Iodine 52
H Pylori BReath TEst Negative


Patient was given benfotiamine 150 mg tabs 2 tabs twwice a day.
Seleno-methioine 400 mcg daily
Iodoral half tab dfaily

Pure One Multivitamin One daily

Triple therapy for positive breath test for H pylori
Started on Naturethroid One Grain  tablet, One tab daily.

Two months later, patient has more energy and is feeling better. Enterolabs stool test for antigliagin antibody shows 213 units (normal less than 10).  Test was also positive for dairy egg and soy protein antibodies.

6 months later, patient reports she is now taking Naturthroid, two tablets a day (one grain tabs) and feeling good, and has joined an organic food club.  She is now on a gluten free, dairy free, egg free diet.  Follow up labs show that TPO antibodies have decreased considerably from 676 to 298.  The CRP has decreased as well.  Thiamine and  Selenium have increased with supplementation.











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