Riboflavin for Hypertension in MTHFR

Riboflavin for Hypertension in MTHFR Ralph is a 52 year old successful business man who comes into the office because of chronic fatigue and “just not feeling himself”.  Over the years he was given a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD by his doctor who offered medication which Ralph declined.  Left image of blood pressure cuff courtesy […]

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Aloe Vera the Medicinal House Plant

Aloe Vera, the Medicinal House Plant I must have been day dreaming last week when I poured hot water on my hand instead of into the tea pot.  Needless to say, this really hurt.  I immediately plunged the hand into a pitcher of ice water for relief, and it did feel a lot better, but […]

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Urgent Protect Vaccine Exemptions in Florida

Urgent Emergency Call to Action Protect Vaccine Exemptions in Florida The following emergency message was posted on This Facebook Page by the National Vaccine Information Center  ——————————————–Floridians Opposed To SB 646——————————————– Update 11/7/15 – The SB 646 Bill was withdrawn prior to introduction. Good Work Everyone !! Your Voices Were Heard !  Remain vigilant because […]

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Cannabis Extracts in Medicine by Jeffrey Dach, Elaine Moore, Justin Kander

Announcing a New Book !!  Cannabis Extracts in Medicine. We need your help ! Help us by writing a favorable book review on Amazon. The title for our new book: Cannabis Extracts in Medicine: The Promise of Benefits in Seizure Disorders, Cancer and Other Conditions.   I am very proud to be co-author along with […]

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The Failure of Global Polio Eradication

The Failure of Global Polio Eradication My wife loaned me an old copy of Jane Goodall’s 1971 book,” In the Shadow of Man, about wild chimpanzees of the Gombe National Park.  It was fascinating reading.  However,  I was saddened by an apparent polio outbreak in the chimpanzees which took place around 1966.(1) One day, a […]

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Could Leaky Gut Cause Post Partum Depression ?

Could Leaky Gut Cause Post Partum Depression ? by Jeffrey Dach MD Cathy is a young mother still breast feeding a healthy newborn.  Cathy takes natural thyroid pills, selenium and Vitamin D for her Hashimotos’ auto-immune thyroid disease, which is doing well.  However, she now calls into the office reporting gastrointestinal symptoms of bloating, gas, […]

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Adverse Effects of Flouroquinolone Antibiotics

Adverse Effects of Flouroquinolone Antibiotics by Jeffrey Dach MD Beatrice Golomb raised a warning flag for commonly used antibiotics such as Ciprofloxin and Levoquin, also known as Flouroquinolones, citing adverse effects which include Achilles Tendon rupture (left image)  Her recent BMJ article reports  four unfortunate victims of the adverse effects of flouroquinolone class of antibiotics.(1)  […]

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Low Level Endotoxemia, Depression, Endocrinopathy and Coronary Artery Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD

Low Level Endotoxemia, Depression, Endocrinopathy and Coronary Artery Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD Tom, a 52 year old male arrived in my office with chief complaint of depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and low libido. Tom is a successful business man with a string of lucrative stores. His psychiatrist prescribes two different anti-depressant drugs, an SSRI […]

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Hillary Clinton Takes Natural Desiccated Thyroid

Hillary Clinton Takes Natural Desiccated Thyroid A letter was released by Hillary Clinton’s doctor, Lisa Bardack, MD, disclosing among other things, Hillary is taking natural desiccated thyroid pills for hypothyroidism, and she has a Calcium Score of zero.  She also takes vitamin B12. Dr Lisa Bardack declared Hillary “fit to serve as president.” Perhaps Dr […]

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Attend the Innovision Gut Brain Meeting in Ft Lauderdale

Click Here for PowerPoint Slides for Jeffrey Dach MD’s Presentation. ————————————————————————————————- Understanding the Gut Brain Relationship,  a two day seminar lead by leading researchers and practitioners on how this critical relationship affects your patients’ health. September 18-19, 2015 (Friday and Saturday) Location:GalleryOne DoubleTree Suites in Fort Lauderdale, Florida This two-day event will combine the latest […]

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Reversible Myopathy from Lead Toxicity

Reversible Myopathy from Lead Toxicity Jim is a factory glass worker who come into the office because of muscle weakness in his legs which started about five years ago.  He previously was a marathon runner, and now has difficulty walking.  Over the past five years, Jim as been to many neurologists who have performed muscle […]

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Dont Ask For HIV Test, Ask For Glyphosate Test

Don’t Ask Your Doctor for an HIV Test , Ask for a Glyphosate Test Instead. While waiting for a red light to change, I noticed a Broward County Bus in the next lane sporting a large advertisement for HIV testing which says:”Ask Your Doctor For an HIV Test”   I thought to myself, as usual […]

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Tamoxifen for Low Testosterone in Males

Tamoxifen for Low Testosterone in Males My previous article discussed the use of clomiphene for increasing testosterone in hypo-gonadal males.  Clomiphene works as an estrogen receptor blocker in the hypothalamus, thus stimulating LH/FSH which then stimulate testicular testosterone production. Tamoxifen Another drug which similarly blocks estrogen receptors is Tamoxifen (tamoxiphen), commonly used in breast cancer […]

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Shingles Vaccine for Recurrent Herpes Simplex

Shingles Vaccine for Recurrent Herpes Simplex I have known Linda for about seven years now, treating her for  Hashimotos’ thyroid disease.  Linda has other problems.  She takes daily acyclovir for recurrent attacks of oral-facial herpes simplex which can be quite debilitating.   Recently,  we were chatting and Linda brought up the idea of Shingles vaccination to […]

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Coronary Calcium Score Benefits of Aged Garlic

How to Reduce Calcium Scores  ? Jim has an elevated coronary calcium score in the 95% percentile indicating high risk for future heart attack.  He is being treated by his cardiologist with daily aspirin and atorvastatin (lipitor), a statin drug to reduce cholesterol. Currently we are following a number of similar patients with elevated coronary […]

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Atherosclerotic Plaque as Infected Biofilm

I first met Stephen Fry M.D.  a couple of years ago at his booth at the ACAM meeting at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, and enjoyed an interesting conversation about his work.  We met a second time last month again at his booth at a medical meeting.  Dr. Stephen Fry runs his own microbiology lab […]

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Shaken Baby Syndrome Imprisonment by Misdiagnosis

Over the past 30 years thousands of parents have been falsely accused, found guilty and imprisoned for “shaken baby syndrome”, a diagnosis  of child abuse based on Xrays showing fractures, intracerebral and retinal bleeding.  Left image shows  old rib fractures (yellow arrow) on chest xray of infant.  Is this diagnostic of child abuse ? What […]

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Health Insurance CEO’s Rewarded for Denying Care

The CEO for United Healthcare received a $66 million compensation package.  This is a reward for denying care to sick people. This is outrageous.  Why does America allow this?   Every time we pay a monthly premium to the health insurance company, we are funding the exorbitant salaries of the CEO’s. Above image courtesy of doctors […]

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Fecal Transplantation and the Sweet Smell of Success

Fecal Transplantation, the Sweet Smell of Success by Jeffrey Dach MD A recent medical meeting I attended covered the “microbiome”, the friendly bacteria in our gut.  Apparently these little microbes are doing a lot more than we thought. Dybiosis is disruption of our normal microbial flora.  One example is the dreaded complication,  Clostrida Difficile entero-colitis,  […]

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Lung Cancer Screening for Smokers Major Breakthrough

Lung Cancer Screening Major Breakthrough During my days working as a radiologist, one of my jobs was early detection of lung cancer on chest Xrays and CAT scans. Left Image shows CAT scan of chest shows typical lung cancer (red circle) courtesy of Duke Lung Cancer Screening. Although we occasionally found a mass or nodule […]

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