Dr. Nima Grissom Photo Courtesy CPMC

Risk Factors For Breast Cancer Wrong Again

Risk Factors For Breast Cancer, Wrong Again Ignoring the Environmental Cause by Jeffrey Dach MD An article appeared in the San Fransisco Chronical entitled, “Risk Factors of Breast Cancer – How to Reduce Them” by Dr. Nima Grissom breast surgeon. Breast cancer rates are Twenty Per Cent Higher in the San Fransisco Bay Area, and […]

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Rachel Carson

Great Women in Medicine Rachel Carson

Great Women in Medicine Rachel Carson by Jeffrey Dach MD Although Rachel Carson was a marine biologist, I believe she deserves recognition as one of the “Great Women In Medicine” .  I will explain why. Her landmark book, “Silent Spring”, is credited with motivating the government to create the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and […]

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Environmental Pollution Found in Newborns

Is Your Baby Toxic from Environmental Pollution? by Jeffrey Dach MD There is alarming news from the University of California about toxic chemicals in virtually all pregnant women.  Tracey Woodruff found 163 different chemicals in pregnant women including banned Flame Retardants and DDT. A previous 2004 study showed 287 toxic chemicals in babies cord blood […]

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