Say NO to GMOS

Heading Towards Extinction with GMO Food

Heading Towards Extinction with GMO Food by Jeffrey Dach MD Gary Null has done a great service with his film on GMO Food which brings awareness to the health threats of Genetic Engineered Food, a topic for which the population is oblivious.   According to Bruce Lipton PhD, we are heading towards extinction as a human […]

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Babies_and Soy Formula

Avoid Soy, the Minefield at the Grocery Store Part Two

Avoiding Soy-The Minefield at the Grocery Store, Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD For Part One of this series, click here. Above image: Soy infant feeding formula courtesy of wikimedia commons. A Mysterious Recurrence of Menopausal Symptoms A 55 year old post menopausal executive secretary had been doing well for many years on her bioidentical […]

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