Charlotte Paige Figi Special Forces

Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy Part Two

Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD A remarkable development has the news media buzzing, a neurology journal, Epilepsia, has just published the Case for Medical Marijuana in Epilepsy, May 22, 2014.(1-4) Header Image: Matt Figi, Charlotte, Max, Charlotte’s twin sister Chase Figi and Paige Figi (left to right) courtesy of Army […]

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RSD Hand Jeffrey Dach MD

Low Dose Naltrexone Part Four

Low Dose Naltrexone – LDN Part Four by Jeffrey Dach MD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD – and Fibromyalgia Left Image: Bone Scan showing increased uptake left hand, positive for reflex sympathetic dystrophy, courtesy of My previous articles on LDN discuss its use in Multiple Sclerosis (1,2) and Crohn’s Disease (3,4).  This article deals with […]

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