Preventing Heart Attacks with Ouabain

Preventing Heart Attacks with Ouabain Reversing Heart Disease Part Five by Jeffrey Dach MD Our previous articles in this series, Parts one, two, three and four have made the case for the “clogged artery” filled with atherosclerotic plaque as the cause for heart attacks.  Indeed, imaging studies and autopsy studies show extensive arterial plaque formation […]

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EECP ExtraCorporeal External Counter-Pulsation

  EECP ExtraCorporeal External Counter-Pulsation by Jeffrey Dach MD Reversing Heart Disease How to Avoiding Cardiac Bypass and Stenting with a non-invasive procedure your doctor won’t tell you about. Stimulating Collateral Vessels with EECP I first learned of EECP from a talk given by Julian Whitaker MD at one of the large national medical meetings […]

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