Estrogen Prevents Heart Disease Bioidentical Hormones

Testosterone Erythrocytosis Thrombophilia and Heart Attack

Testosterone Erythrocytosis Thrombophilia and Heart Attack by Jeffrey Dach MD Link to this article. My previous article part one  and part two discussed recent studies showing increased heart attack rates in men starting testosterone.  Recently there have  been two more reports by Dr. Finkle and Dr Vigen confirming, yes, this is a real finding (6,7).    […]

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Donating Blood Prevents Heart Disease

Donating Blood at the Blood Bank  by Jeffrey Dach MD Don’t Over Do It George Washington’s death in 1799 was attributed to a discredited  practice called “blood letting”, accepted in the 1700’s as treatment for virtually any ailment.  One day. George Washington contracted a sore throat, and his doctors removed seven pints of blood (3,750 […]

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