Disrupted Folate in Autism by Jeffrey Dach MD

Disrupted Folate in Autism by Jeffrey Dach MD.  Autistic kids have disrupted folate metabolism due to autoantibodies to the Folate Receptor.  This was published in March 2013 Molecular Psychiatry,  representing a major breakthrough in our understanding and treatment of Autism…Click Here for More.

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Vaccination Arm

Do Vaccinations Cause Autism? by Jeffrey Dach MD

Do Vaccinations Cause Autism? by Jeffrey Dach MD If you ask this question to anyone in the medical establishment, government or drug industry, the answer would be a firm NO, with supportive peer review medical publications. However, if you asked this question to mothers of autistic children, or the (DAN) physicians treating them, the answer […]

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Mayer Eisenstein MD

Autism and Vaccines Link Denied By CDC

by Jeffrey Dach MD I received an email from my good friend and colleague, Mayer Eisenstein MD with a video discussing the new study published by Destefano in the Journal of Pediatrics (3) allegedly showing no link between vaccination and autism. You may have seen my recent article suggesting there actually is such a link […]

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Mercury Sensitivity Link to Autism

Mercury Sensitivity and Link to Autism by Jeffrey Dach MD This article is part one of a series. For Part Two, Click Here Mercury Contamination of the Great Lakes When I was growing up in Chicago in the 1950’s, people fished in the Great Lakes, and they would eat the fish.   Soon, it was no […]

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